Weight Loss Meal Plans

You’re going to love what you’ll be eating.

Eating better doesn’t mean you have to give up great tasting food. Nor does it mean you’ll be eating food with ingredients you can’t pronounce. In fact, you’ll be eating delicious, real, healthy foods the entire time. You’ll work closely with our medical staff to create healthy menus with lean proteins, smart carbs and good fats.

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And you can always incorporate foods from our Lindora Nutrition line into your eating plan. We have a wide selection of delicious, high protein, low carb foods to choose from as well as healthy supplements that can help you reach your weight loss goals and wellness goals.

  • Smart Carbs

    Smart Carbs

    Controlling carb consumption allows your body to access stored fat and use it for fuel. Our plan is a low-glycemic program that helps balance blood sugar and insulin levels so you can shrink your fat cells—and your waistline.*

  • Power Proteins

    Power Proteins

    The right amounts of lean protein increases satiety, reduces hunger and cravings, and maintains lean muscle mass to boost metabolism.*

  • Good Fats

    Good Fats

    Not all fats are created equal. “Good fats” support brain health, cardiovascular function, metabolic function, and your immune system.*

  • Lindora Nutrition ™

    Lindora Nutrition

    Satisfy your hunger and control your cravings with our great-tasting high-protein, low-carb ketogenic bars, shakes, snacks and drinks.* Learn more.