Fish: A Great Source of Protein & Vitamins

Dr. Amy Lee, Lindora’s Chief Medical Officer, is a big believer in fish protein. Here’s why…… Many of us have long known that fish is an important part of a healthy diet. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends all Americans shift to healthier eating patterns and include 2 servings of seafood in place […]


The Importance of a Healthy Gut

Gut feeling. Gut instinct. Spill your guts. What about: eat well for a healthy gut? In our everyday expressions, we attribute lots of things to the gut. But expressions aside, our guts are actually a very important part of our overall health and wellbeing. Over the past decade, researchers discovered connections between the gut—also known […]


The Connection Between Obesity and COVID-19

We’re all still trying to find what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to better understanding COVID-19. But there are some things we do know for sure. We do know that those with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified a […]

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The Best Fat Burning Foods

It goes without saying that you burn fat when you are active and exercising. But did you know some foods also help you burn fat just by virtue of eating them? Although it seems like eating is a sedentary activity, your body is hard at work the whole time. As it digests, absorbs and metabolizes […]

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Tips for a Healthy New Year’s Eve Celebration

It’s been a great year. You focused on your health, made progress toward your goals, and hopefully lived life to its fullest. Time to celebrate! But instead of taking the night off from your healthy habits, why not work them right into your New Year’s Eve plans? It really is possible to celebrate well and […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Wish List

Let’s be honest. The last thing you need this holiday season is another gift of flannel pajamas or cozy socks. You’ve taken proactive steps toward a healthier lifestyle, and it’s time your holiday wishlist did the same. This season, why not involve friends and family in your fitness journey by giving them healthy gift ideas […]

Healthy Family

Healthy Thanksgiving Habits to Start this Year

Think back to your favorite Thanksgiving memories. Maybe you remember old family stories being shared around the table or playing games with people you love. Perhaps you enjoy watching the parade or participating in specific family traditions. While Thanksgiving is a holiday known for big feasts on overeating, that’s rarely what sticks with us and […]