lean french toast
lean french toast

Lean French Toast


January 30, 2016

Healthy and delicious whole grain french toast recipe.

lean french toast


1Break egg into a shallow, wide bowl; beat until the yolk and white are well blended.

2Add cinnamon, sweetener, and flavor; and beat into egg until blended.

3Place the slice of bread in the bowl and allow to absorb the egg mixture, turning over the bread to completely saturate both sides.

4Place the bread in a small, non-stick skillet that has been lightly coated with cooking spray.

5Pour any left-over egg mixture over the bread.

6Cook bread, turning at least once, until both sides are lightly browned and the egg is cooked.

7Serve immediately. (No syrup needed -- the flavor is cooked in!)


1 slice whole wheat bread

(approx. 80 calories, 15g carbohydrate per slice)

1 large egg, or egg substitute to equal one egg

Dash ground cinnamon

1/2 pkt. artificial sweetener, or to taste

Drop of artificial maple flavor, or vanilla extract, optional


Nutrition Facts

Calories155 cal
Protein10 g
Total Fat5.5 g
Total Carbohydrates15 g