Success by the Numbers


We’re halfway through the Battle of the Badges face-off, and the two teams are making amazing progress! It’s Men vs. Women-a Battle of the Sexes-and both teams are playing to win.

Kim Alexander and Christopher Blasnek_404Here’s a quick overview of how the two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department teams are doing as they progress toward the final weigh-in showdown on December 4:

  • The Women’s Team has lost 165.4 pounds and 8.8% of its starting weight.
  • The Men’s Team has lost 231.5 pounds and 9.6% of its starting weight.
  • The two teams have lost a combined total of 396.9 pounds. That’s an average weight loss of 19.8 pounds per participant. (The average weight loss among the women is 16.5 pounds. The average weight loss among the men is 23.1 pounds.)
  • Each of the 20 participants has lost more than 6% of his or her starting weight in five weeks, and are on pace to achieve a 10% weight loss during the 10-week competition. Six of the 20 participants have already lost more than 10%.
  • The three top male competitors have lost 33.7 pounds, 32.2 pounds, and 24.8 pounds, respectively.
  • The three top female competitors have lost 24.7 pounds, 23.5 pounds, and 18.7 pounds, respectively.
  • Among the top four competitors on “greatest percentage of weight loss” leader board, two are women and two are men.

The Battle of the Badges finale promises to be a huge success. This is one competition where everyone loses-and everyone wins! Stay tuned to see which team comes out on top.