Water Works

How much water do you drink every day—and how often do you drink it? Many people can’t accurately answer that question because reaching for water is second nature. They drink when they feel thirsty.

But those who make a conscious choice to drink at least 80 ounces of water every day experience multiple benefits from staying hydrated. They tend to stay more alert, have improved kidney and bowel function, and have fewer headaches. They’re also much more likely to experience a general sense of satiety—that satisfaction you have when you’ve had enough and feel “full.”

Did you know that the thirst signals and hunger signals in your brain are both controlled by the hypothalamus? As a result, it can be easy to mistake thirst for hunger and reach for a high-calorie snack when your body actually just needs water. Next time you feel hungry, drink a large glass of water and wait 20 minutes. You’re likely to find that sensation of hunger has dissipated. Not only will you be better hydrated, you’ll have also avoided all those extra calories in that snack you were about to eat.

Written by Dr. Amy Lee, Chief Medical Officer at Lindora Clinic